Are corporeal techniques part and parcel of what we call culture? Or does culture only arise out of their performance? How do we generate knowledge through shared corporeal practices? And how is knowledge production connected with power? “Encounters – Embodied Practices” is a new series developed by Radialsystem together with Associate Curators Raphael Moussa Hillebrand, Rocío Marano, Sandhya Daemgen and Martha Hincapié Charry. “Embodied Practices” centres around the preservation and transmission of corporeal practices stemming from different cultural contexts and focuses on a form of knowledge production that begins with the body and experience. “Embodied Practices” is an experiential form of knowledge transmission.

In the frame of "Encounters - Embodied Practices". "Encounters" is a project by Radialsystem and is supported by DIEHL+RITTER/TANZPAKT RECONNECT, funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of the NEUSTART KULTUR. Hilfsprogramm Tanz.

#5 foRest – slow medicine: Praxisformat mit Martha Hincapié Charry

#4 Moving Through Emergencies: Workshop with Thiago Granato

#3 Vocal Practices: Praxis- und Dialogformat mit Peny Chan und Rully Shabara

#2 Matria – Motherland: Workshop with Rocío Marano

#1 Urban Practices Workshop mit Anja Jadryschnikova, Prince Ofori und Raphael Moussa Hillebrand

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