Artistic Praxis and Sustainability

Radialsystem is space dedicated to the arts and collaboration that brings different cultural traditions and forms of knowledge into dialogue with one another. Culture cannot and must not be antithetical to sustainability. Within our artistic programmes, we seek out intersections of art, traditional forms of knowledge, activism and research. We invite people from local and international contexts whose work specifically address the loss of the planet’s cultural and biological diversity. We therefore aim to strengthen narratives and practices that reflect the interconnectedness of humans and nature, opening perspectives for a future that fulfils climate justice.

More Sustainable Operations

We at Radialsystem are pursuing a ‘net zero’ strategy and have set ourselves the goal of reducing our CO2 emissions on a yearly basis. To better understand our own actions and make them more sustainable in future, we must determine what we are already undertaking and where there is a need for change: for the first time, we produced a climate footprint assessment based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol for our artistic and commercial operations in 2022. We can now make an annual comparison to evaluate the results of our measures and to see where adjustments are still warranted.

One of the important drivers of the reduction of CO2 production is found in the sphere of mobility. Therefore, our current focus is on the development of new concepts for artists and commercial customers. With the help of our certification by the sustainability management system Sustainable Meetings Berlin, we are making our commercial rental business demonstrably more sustainable and expanding our focus to the entire business. In addition, we are modernising our utility metres in order to keep a better eye on our own consumption and are currently investigating the extent to which our roof surfaces could be used to generate electricity through solar cells.

We are examining other aspects of sustainability such as accessibility – and how this could be implemented in terms of buildings, websites, and events – as well as gender equity and diversity within our team. To ensure that we continue to make demonstrable progress in this area in the future, we are continuously training ourselves, expanding our expertise and networking to actively share knowledge with various stakeholders and target groups. We are also looking to the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals as guidelines, and are active participants in the Culture4Climate network.

Our Achievements so far

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