Two years after its inaugural residency programme, Radialsystem is now expanding ‘Body Time Space’ to include a one-year ‘Artist in Residence’ as part of the fellowship programme ‘Weltoffenes Berlin’. It is primarily designed for artists whose work and livelihood are threatened in their countries of origin. The first fellow supported by Radialsystem is the Brazilian choreographer Elisabete Finger. As part of the fellowship, Radialsystem continues its close collaboration with Tanzfabrik Berlin.

The aim of this felloqship is to enable dance professionals to develop and deepen their existing artistic focus in an open and safe environment. The residency in this case stands for an openness towards the artistic process and acknowledges that time and space are essential for artistic development. Therefore the fellowship should be understood as a space for pre-conceptual experimentation and, on the other hand, it should enable the development of a concrete production. During the fellowship, the artists are invited to reflect on their own work in transdisciplinary exchange with international dialogue partners from other fields of knowledge and/or artistic disciplines. The process can be opened to the public in the context of studio visits and showings at Radialsystem.

As part of the fellowship ‘Weltoffenes Berlin’, Radialsystem continues its close collaboration with Tanzfabrik Berlin. Tanzfabrik Berlin and Radialsystem have presented two artists to a broad audience on the stages of Radialsystem every spring since 2019 – since 2022 as part of the collaboration :LOVE:. The collaboration aims to improve the labor and presentation conditions of dance professionals in Berlin beyond their individual institutional contexts. In addition to the visibility of this joint platform, an important moment of nexus between local and international artists and scenes is achieved. Both institutions provide equal support to the artists in the forms of co-production resources, rehearsal spaces and public relations work.

The residency programme ‘Weltoffenes Berlin’ is funded by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Social Cohesion.

2023: Choreographer and Performer Elisabete Finger

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