1. About the Radialsystem

The Radialsystem is a Culture and Event Centre in Friedrichshain, a part of Berlin.
It is in a former pumping station on the river Spree.
It is a very special location.
Since 2006, we develop and show new forms of performance.
For example:
Sometimes the audience sits very close to the artists during the performances.
There are also concerts with very different music from different times and countries.
Or sometimes dance, music and videos are combined into one performance.

The Radialsystem is an important place for independent artists in Berlin.
These are artists that do not belong to a specific theatre.
We offer a diverse artistic program in the Radialsystem and in the outdoor areas, for example:

  • Concert evenings,
  • art exhibitions,
  • dance performances
  • or music and sound festivals.

A place for art, ideas and cooperation

At the Radialsystem there is an exchange between different cultures and art forms.
We combine familiar traditions and new ideas.
Especially in the fields of dance, music theatre and concert.
This way, we find new possibilities and create intense experiences.

We work with partners from different fields of art, science and society.
In this cooperation, we learn from each other.
Our work also provides new ideas for artists around the world.

The people at Radialsystem are open to new things and new possibilities.
It is important for us to be creative.
It is also important to know that all people are equal.

We want to be good hosts.
All people at the Radialsystem should be able to talk about art and create culture.
This leads to a culture for all people.


These are the contact details of the Radialsystem:

Radialsystem V GmbH
Holzmarktstrasse 3310243 Berlin
Phone: 030 28 87 88 50
E-mail: info@radialsystem.de


You can buy tickets for our events

  • at our ticket office in the entry area,
  • on our website in the Reservix ticket shop
  • and at all known advance booking offices.

Our ticket office is open Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
and Saturday from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m.
You can also reserve tickets at the ticket office.
If you reserve a ticket, you must pick it up and pay for it
at least one day before the event.

These are the contact details of the ticket office:

Phone: 030 288 78 85 88
E-mail: ticket@radialsystem.de

You can also buy tickets at our box office on the evening of the event.
Our box office always opens one hour before the start of the event.

You can only buy vouchers online at

You can get a reduction on the ticket price, if you are

  • a pupil,
  • a trainee or student under the age of 36
  • a disabled person with a B in your ID card
  • or unemployed.

You need to show some confirmation to get the price reduction.

People with a disabled person’s pass B can bring an accompanying person
without paying for the extra ticket.
Please announce your visit beforehand.

Barrier-free services

The event spaces of the Radialsystem are accessible and barrier-free,
with the exception of the deck.

In the entrance area, there is a barrier-free toilet
and there are 2 disabled parking spaces.
Please register your visit in advance.

The Radialsystem and the Berlin company "Gravity Access Services"
develop barrier-free services together.

We offer audio descriptions and tactile tours.
For this, visitors with visual impairments will receive headphones for the event.
Through the headphones, audio-describers explain what can be seen on stage.
The audio descriptors are trained in audio description and are also, for example, dancers or actors.

Tactile tours are an addition to the audio description.
The tactile tours last 20 to 30 minutes and take place before the event.
Visitors with visual impairments can,
for example, touch the actors, the costumes and objects on stage.

Please register for the audio descriptions and the tactile tour:
Phone: 030 288 78 85 88
E-mail: ticket@radialsystem.de

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2. Structure of the Website

At the top left there are always these main sections:

  • house

There you can find out what the Radialsystem offers,
how it all started and who we work with.

You also find our contact details there.

  • programme

There you will find the programme sorted by date
and information about other projects.

We also present our artists there.

  • radar

Here you will find short videos of selected programmes
and interviews with artists to listen to and watch.

  • service

Here you find information on tickets, entry rules and barrier-free services.

You will also find press information, a description of how to get there and current job offers.

  • radialsystem

Here you will return to the homepage.

You will then leave the Easy Language area.

If you move the mouse pointer over a main section, you can see the sub-sections.
You can click on each main section or sub-section.


These function areas are always at the top right:

  • Magnifying glass

Here you find the search function.

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  • Easy Language

Here you can find the Easy Language section.

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  • en

There you can change the language of the website from English to German.


This is all at the top of the website.

On the homepage, there are large coloured boxes
with information and pictures of our current projects and offers.

Click on a box to find out more.


At the bottom of the website, there are always these sections:

  • Newsletter

Here you can subscribe to the newsletter.

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  • Contact

Here you will find our contact details and opening times,
the description of how to get there
and information on where you can park your car.

  • Instagram | Facebook

There you find the Radialsystem profiles on Instagram and Facebook.

  • Imprint

Here you can see who is responsible for the website.

That is Radialsystem V GmbH.

  • Data Privacy

The internet site collects certain data, for example, about your internet browser.

There you can find out how your data is used.


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3. Tips for Use

Mobile view

In mobile view, for example on a smartphone,
the website looks a little different.
The main menu is always at the top right:

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There you can find the main sections of the website.


Search function

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You will then see all the texts on our website
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Change page view

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If you want to make the page view smaller,
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If you want to return to the normal page view,
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Newsletter registration

If you register for the newsletter,
you will get regular e-mails with news from the Radialsystem.

The registration form is at the bottom of the website.

If you want to register for the newsletter, click on "Newsletter".

The newsletter is in German.
It is not in English and not in easy language.

You will then see this:

Newsletter-Anmeldung mit einem weißen Textfeld für die E-Mail-Adresse und einem Kästchen für die Bestätigung der Datenschutzbestimmungen.

You must enter your e-mail address in the white text field
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Finally, click on "Send".

You will then get an e-mail with a link.
Click on the link to confirm your registration.

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