Base Area
578 m² (ca. 6,221 square feet)
31,56 m x 16,78 m | 20,20 m (front | back area)

10,89 m
(underneath the spreader bars 9,58 m)

13 m (B) x 17,85 m (T);
12 Reihen mit 21 Plätzen

Supply Doors
3,42 m (W) x 3,56 m (H)

Level | access
Ground floor | barrier-free

Seating arrangements
Standing reception: 600-700 Pax
Row seating: with grandstand max. 450, without grandstand max. 520 Pers
Parliamentary seating: 240 Pax
Formal dinner seating: max. 330 Pax (ten per round table)

Technical equipment
Extensive technical equipment | numerous hanging options (details on request)

Special feature
Protected historical monument | sweeping arched windows | historical crane bridge

Shockproof sockets | 16, 32 and 63 Ampère

Wooden floor | dark brown

Sanitary facilities for ladies and gentlemen | separate WC for the disabled (in the foyer)

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