The event spaces of the Radialsystem are accessible and barrier-free. For the following events we offer Audiodescriptions and Haptic Access Tours:


Wednesday, 27. March, 8pm and Thursday 28. March, 8pm: "Die Insel" (The Island) – Multi-sensory musical theatre by the artist collective [in]operabilities
The piece “Die Insel” (“The Island”) is accessible for many modes of perception. It is performed in written and spoken German, German sign language (DGS) and sung audio description in German and works with blind dramaturgy.


Saturday, 06. April, 8 pm: "SWAY" – Performance by Tatiana Mejía
Without Haotic Access Tour


Audio description refers to a live audio track of professional audio descriptors transmitted via headset to audience members with visual impairments. The audio descriptors are trained to use clear and engaging language to describe the significant visual details of a performance that would be inaccessible to audience members with visual impairments. The audio descriptions are performed in German.

Tactile tours are 20-30 minute live tours held prior to the performance that allow visitors with visual impairments to experience the space, performers, costumes and objects, and key elements of movement within a production through touch and their own movement.


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