With Conjunctions - Acts of being in relation, a new programme series dedicated to the poetry of “being in relation” launches at Radialsystem in July 2024. Audiences are invited to experience choreographic and musical practices as embodied strategies of knowledge production and transmission over four acts, each with a different thematic emphasis. The separation between body and mind, the dualism of thought and action, and the notion of a universality of knowledge are contrasted with a variety of possibilities of knowledge production that arise with and from the reality of differently situated bodies.

Reflections on how embodied practices can create temporary communities are centred, as well as which power relations become visible in this process, and which new imaginative sphere and emancipatory strategies result from embodied relationships. In addition to immersive performances, concerts and choreographic works, our exchange format Embodied Practices continues parallel to the new series, and collectively explores forms of preserving and transmitting corporeal practices from different cultural contexts.

As part of "Conjunctions - Acts of being in relation". The series "Conjunctions - Acts of being in relation" is funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Social Cohesion as part of the open funding program. With the support of the Radial Foundation.

Nocturnes for a Society – Immersive Performance by Myriam Van Imschoot & Lucas van Haesbroeck

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