Festtage mit Premiere & Augmented Reality

Performance / Tanz Musiktheater Talk

Two men hold each other in their arms and arch their backs in laughter.

"sweet surrogates" © Dieter Hartwig

"Du musst dein leben rendern!" © NICO AND THE NAVIGATORS

A woman in a blue coat, her collar pulled down over her face.

"sweet surrogates" © Dieter Hartwig

Festival Programme

Th 14 12

18:00 h  Du musst Dein Leben rendern!

20:00 h  sweet surrogates


Fr 15 12

15:30 h // 18:00 h  Du musst Dein Leben rendern!

20:00 h  sweet surrogates


Sa 16 12

15:30 h // 18:00 h  Du musst Dein Leben rendern!

20:00 h  sweet surrogates


Su 17 12

18:00 h  sweet surrogates


Accompanying programme

Thursday to Sunday
„Die Erinnerung von morgen“ AR exhibition on 25 years of Navigator history

Friday 4.30 pm
Artist Talk on the use of augmented reality in an artistic context with Oliver Proske.

The performance of "Du musst Dein Leben rendern!" at 3.30 pm and the following artist talk will be translated into German sign language.


Friday 9.45 pm
Artist Talk with Nico Hümpel and other Navigators.

Saturday from 9.30 pm
Anniversary Party



Productions by NICO AND THE NAVIGATORS, supported by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Social Cohesion and with funds from the LOTTO Foundation, Berlin. In cooperation with Radialsystem and Konzerthaus Berlin.

Media partnerships: Exberliner, Rausgegangen, taz. die tageszeitung, tip Berlin.

2023 marks the 25th anniversary of NICO AND THE NAVIGATORS, who will celebrate at Radialysystem from 14–17 December. With the premiere of "sweet surrogates", the Navigators put on an intoxicating evening full of energy and sweet seduction. The performance "Du musst Dein Leben rendern!" (“You must render your life!”), makes use of augmented reality to expand their audience’s view of existence and consistently develop the company's digital repertoire. To commemorate their anniversary, their retrospective augmented reality exhibition "Tomorrow's Memory" also invites us to revel in a quarter of a century of Navigator history – what future will we look back on after the rush?

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