Body Time Space-Residency: André Uerba – Filmpresentation “Inviting Moments of Stillness”

Performance / Tanz

In the new programme series “SENSE”, radialsystem explores power relations within a geography of perception. Employing the perspectives of choreography, visual arts, music and workshop formats, “SENSE” investigates an embodied practice of sensory perception in four programme foci, beginning on the opening weekend of July 16th, 17th, and 18th, 2021 and until spring 2022. The programme series likewise addresses the question of how the trauma of a pandemic has affected and continues to affect our senses. The double meaning contained in the title of the series – “sense” denotes both sensation and sentiment – invokes and challenges the distinction between thinking and feeling – or theory and practice – common in the Western Enlightenment tradition of knowledge.

Resident: André Uerba
Co-residents: emeka ene, Jorge De Hoyos and Michelle Moura

Touch, closeness, togetherness – a choreographic-performative exploration of the practice of touch: During his residency at radialsystem, André Uerba explores the different dimensions of touch – its properties, qualities and complexities. Through movement, ritardando and focus on the body, he and his co-residents test out different forms of becoming acquainted with and sensing one another as a means to uncover the potential of togetherness. He thus continues his examination of the topic of touch, which he embarked upon in 2018.

In July he provides insight into his new work through a film presentation followed by a discussion. The film is shown as part of the new programme series “SENSE” in which radialsystem explores power relations through a geography of perception.

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