What's That Noise? Music & Storytelling von Sandhya Daemgen


We are getting closer!

On four long summer weekends in August we will open the radialsystem again to the public and cordially invite you to concerts, installations and performances. The different rooms of the house, the Spree terrace and the covered deck can be discovered in a different way than before. In the last few weeks we have had to find out how important and at the same time fragile the joint live experience is. So that everyone can feel comfortable and safe when we restart, we want to leave plenty of space and time for on-site encounters. Together with the artists and ensembles involved, we have therefore developed artistic formats that invite unusual aesthetic experiences and in which the radialsystem can be experienced in a new way.

In mid-August, the artist Sandhya Daemgen invited to an atmospheric listening party at radialsystem and you could be there live from home. Now the stream is online!

With live music, stories and recordings, artists and musicians of the past who have crossed musical and social borders were honored on this evening.

Under the open sky, on the deck of radialsystems, Sandhya Daemgen led the audience through an inclusive and diverse narrative of music history: She told the stories of musicians from different backgrounds, times and genres and put them in dialogue with contemporary artists whose Live composition and performance is in turn inspired by these musicians.

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