Silvester mit DJ Ipek


The Berlin and Istanbul-based, internationally renowned and award-winning DJ, producer and curator Ipek Ipekçioğlu is known for her mix of Anatolian, MidEasttraditional and electro sounds and has been active in the Berlin club scene since the 1990s. Psychedelic Turkish funk meets disco, Balkan folk meets house, Kurdish halay meets electro, Turkish tango meets break beat, bhangra meets moombahton, Albanian pop meets twerk, Iranian folk meets techno, Anatolian folk songs meet deep house. Socio-political issues such as equal rights for women, migration, cultural diversity and anti-racism are an important part of her music.

The transition into the new year will be different than planned for all of us, but we would like to celebrate with you at least virtually! The wonderful Ipek Ipekcioglu has put together two sets to take you into the new year: one to start New Year's Eve quietly, and a second danceable DJ set. rs/

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