Scores for the Time being: Online-Workshop mit Scores for Gardens


“Scores for Gardens” is an interdisciplinary study group formed by Katrine Elise Leth Nielsen, Juan Felipe Amaya González and Angeliki Tzortzakaki in August 2019. It borrows the symbiotic and organic form of a garden to reflect on the complexity of cross-cultural and remote collaborative artistic practices. “Scores for Gardens” as an open-end learning platform operates with peer-to-peer exchange of ideas, tasks, and inputs remotely (via digital platforms) and by meetings focusing on the intersection of movement, writing, and voice work.


th an online workshop, the interdisciplinary research group "Scores for Gardens" searches for artistic forms of expression for the current situation: Many people around the world are at the moment confronted with the struggle of being caught in an immobilised state, a state of being “in-between". What comes after seems impossible to imagine, our lives before are already too far away... We are drained by nostalgia and uncertainty when it comes to relationships, whereas the vulnerability and fragility of our current structures are becoming increasingly visible. We are experiencing a time that has never before existed in this way – and if the “in-between” is defined as an appropriate narrative, important questions can be derived from it: How do our bodies and (artistic) language respond to this situation? And how does it affect our ways of perceiving our surroundings?

During the workshop the hosts of the collaborative garden share their playful approach on shifting perspectives in an attempt to capture and nurture this "in-between"... Through listening, movement and writing exercises, we will attempt to contain and nurture our current in-between states: becoming fruit, trees, bacteria, roots and moist wet soil, be buried, forgotten, or transformed... In this time-sensitive present, when gathering in the fictional space of a garden, we ask: how can we dig and carve some space where we can allow things such as uncertainty, grief, or joy to happen?

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