"Outernational" Concertfilm: DISTURBING THE UNIVERSAL / DIY with Trickster Orchestra

Concert Film

Trickster Orchestra

Singing and Composition Cymin Samawatie 

Kawala and Ney Mohamad Fityan

Flute and recorders Susanne Fröhlich 

Sheng Wu Wei

Clarinet Mona Matbou Riahi 

Bass Clarinet and Electronics Milian Vogel

Trombone Florian Juncker

Koto Naoko Kikuchi 

Piano Niko Meinhold

Marimba and Vibraphone Taiko Saito 

Viola Martin Stegner

Cello Anil Eraslan

Double Bass Ralf Schwarz

Electronics Korhan Erel

Percussion and Composition Ketan Bhatti

Soundinstallation Arnont Nongyao, Thatchatham Silsupan

With recordings from M D Pallavi (Gesang), Tontrakul Kaewyong (Khaen)

Outernational Listening Session „Sounding Changes“ Wendy M.K. Shaw, Timothy Morton

Curation and dramaturgy Elisa Erkelenz

The series begins with the Berlin Trickster Orchestra's new programme, "Disturbing The Universal / DIY", which joins together musicians of different traditions to create a new tonal language. During the concert, philosophers Timothy Morton and Wendy M.K. Shaw will reflect on the genesis of the new in an "Outernational Listening Session". A concert by Kamilya Jubran is to take place in December 2020. The singer joins a string quartet and a composer for a multimedia performance, and in March 2021 for a session of baroque, Persian classical, and electronic composition.

The concerts are preceded by comprehensive artistic research that not only tracks down scenes and contemporary musical developments, but takes into account questions of "musicking", i.e. performance practice and contextualisation as well. The aim of this exercise is to open up new spaces for outstanding artists positioned far from the mainstream. Curator Elisa Erkelenz develops the concerts in close dialogue with the artists, and around each performance, background information on music, instruments and participating artists is published in the VAN digital magazine Outernational: www.van-outernational.com

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