Israeli-German Festival: Music - Poetry - Art - Party

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Combi tickets ID Festival

Ticket Prices

→ Combi-ticket evening programme
„ERAN ZUR – Die Kreuzberg Sonate“ & „FRAMED @ ID FESTIVAL“
38 Euro, discount 28 Euro

→ Combi-ticket MIFGASH I-III
18 Euro, discount 12 Euro

The ID Festival is hosting a huge Shavuot celebration, and everyone is invited. This year, on 05 June, the Jewish Harvest Fest and the Christian holiday of Pentecost fall on the same date.

Taking the German stage for the first time, Israeli rock star Eran Zur is the highlight of this year’s ID Festival, and creates a mix of poetry, rock, indie folk and classical modernism alongside other big names from the Israeli music scene. The cultural salon FRAMED @ ID FESTIVAL, styled after Jewish salons of yore, invites audiences to witness live painting, as well as jazz, Afro beat, electro and funk acts heralding from the young Tel-Aviv music scene, paired with traditional Shavuot food and drinks. The MIFGASHIM series offers a unique set of encounters: between different languages and cultures, different religions and, first and foremost, between people.

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