Symphony Of Intimacies: Film von Nguyễn + Transitory

Performance / Tanz Film

Artistic direction, composition, choreography and concept: Nguyễn + Transitory
Performance and choreography: Maoyi, Kamila Metwaly, Andrés Pinto Álvaro, Mieko Suzuki, Monica Vanesa Tedja
Set and costume design: Lina Oanh Nguyễn
Lighting design: Sanja Gergoric
Cinematography and editing: Asarela Orchidia Dewi
Assistant: Chyai Ji
Stage design assistant: Seongji Jang
Production Manager: Onur Agbaba

Nguyễn Baly and Tara Transitory combine sound, performance and installation as the duo Nguyễn + Transitory. Working with modular synthesizers and analogue audio tapes, they explore how the physicality of sound generation and its random vibrations are related to memories, emotions and catharsis. Her approach to sound, rhythm and performance is shaped by the search for a non-colonial view. In addition, they deal with the diaspora of queer existences in Southeast Asia. Her most recent works include the sound installations "Topography Of Vulnerabilities #1, #2, #3, #4" and "Bird Bird, Touch Touch, Sing Sing", which was presented at the CTM Festival 2019 (Berlin), Serralves Museum (Porto ), Ultima 2019 (Oslo), WORM (Rotterdam), Submerge Festival 2019 (Bristol), HeK (Basel) and PACT Zollverein (Essen). Besides their artistic work, they run their own mastering studio called Queer Ear Mastering.

Funded by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe and the Berlin Artists' Program of the DAAD.

A chorus of bodies: "Symphony Of Intimacies" - a film by the duo Nguyễn + Transitory - is a sound performance that focuses on vulnerability, interdependence, closeness, disorientation and trust as forms of collective resistance. Five performers and two musicians create sounds live and in real time through touch. Their bodies merge with their instruments, directing electrical currents to a modular synthesizer. Touch is an integral part of the composition and performance process, becoming an instrument itself. This dynamic dissolves classic hierarchies in the director-composer-performer constellation and shifts the relationship between the roles – towards the collective.

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