SENSE: Geographies of Perception

In the new programme series “SENSE”, radialsystem explores power relations within a geography of perception. Employing the perspectives of choreography, visual arts, music and workshop formats, “SENSE” investigates an embodied practice of sensory perception in four programme foci, beginning on the opening weekend of July 16th, 17th, and 18th, 2021 and until spring 2022. The programme series likewise addresses the question of how the trauma of a pandemic has affected and continues to affect our senses. The double meaning contained in the title of the series – “sense” denotes both sensation and sentiment – invokes and challenges the distinction between thinking and feeling – or theory and practice – common in the Western Enlightenment tradition of knowledge.

“SENSE” shifts mile-markers along the landscape of sensory experience, expanding the spectrum of what we grasp as perception. The programme series locates itself beyond dominant narratives of sensory experience and alters the felt and imagined parameters of perception in order to move thence toward new narratives. At the same time, “SENSE” invites a critical look at universal concepts of perception and the resulting privileges and exclusion mechanisms within societal coexistence.

Fr 16 07 2021   7 pm
Sa 17 07 2021   7 pm
18 07 2021   7 pm


Noise, improvisation and rhapsodic sounds… Berlin’s renowned avant-garde jazz festival “A L’ARME!” returns to the big stage over three days at the end of July. “A L’ARME! VOL IX” features 13 acts, 18 concerts and about 40 musicians – all finally in front of a live audience again. The festival kicks off on July 28th with an open air event at Zenner Biergarten.


Following the digital edition in December 2020, the pace of this summer’s relaunch of “A L’ARME” will be set by various premieres, such as those of the ensembles Unstumm and Skultura, both to be experienced for the first time in their hometown of Berlin. Another highlight is Kali Malone’s inaugural collaboration with guitar surgeon Stephen O’Malley and cellist Lucy Railton. The latter two can also be heard in other groups. The collective Karkhana weaves together influences from Beirut, Cairo, Istanbul and Chicago; the Moondog Project pays homage to one of the greatest mavericks in music history; meanwhile, organ pipes, tape machines and wooden objects take on crucial roles.

Just as it did in previous years, “A L’ARME! VOL. IX” tests out various states of aggregation of hearing and feeling. In 2020, the festival mutated into a film that thrust its own mission into a new light and which will be shown at radialsystem this summer. All signs point to performance for this ninth edition – live, direct, with physical force – and in immediate exchange with the audience, for which there is no substitute.


We 28 07 2021  6 pm
Th 29 07 2021   8 pm
Fr 30 07 2021    8 pm
Sa 31 07 2021    8pm

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