SKIN – Performance by Renae Shadler & Collaborators

Every body has its own identity in relation to its skin, whose texture is subject to constant change through contact with other people… The new programme series “SENSE”, in which the radialsystem explores power relations within a geography of perception, opens in mid-July with the mixed-abled dance piece “SKIN”. Performed by Roland Walter, a dancer with full body paralysis, and Renae Shadler, a non-disabled dancer and choreographer, “SKIN” creates its own universe in which their two different bodies approach one another. This intimate duet transcends the performers’ physical boundaries and imagines a common poetry of movement.

Fr     16 07 2021    7 pm
Sa    17 07 2021    7 pm
Su    18 07 2021    7 pm

Photo: beat.pix.with.heart

Scores for Pleasure - Workshop

Strategies for navigating pleasure… During the two-day workshop “Scores for Pleasure”, the performer and choreographer Przemek Kamiński works with the participants to develop a series of scores that bring joy to movement and stimulate the enjoyment of sensual experience.

Sa    17 07 2021    10 am
Su    18 07 2021    10 am

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Body Time Space-Residenz: André Uerba - Film

André Uerba provides insight into his new work through a film presentation followed by a discussion. The film is shown as part of the new programme series “SENSE” in which radialsystem explores power relations through a geography of perception.

Sa    17 07 2021    7 pm
Film and talk

Photo: Phil Dera

Rhythms Studies #1 Bia Kut Si - Radioshow by Elsa M‘bala aka AMET

The radio show “Rhythms Studies #1 Bia Kut Si” by the musician Elsa M’bala aka AMET is about “Bikutsi”, a popular and widespread music style of Cameroon. It was originally invented by women who played the music on different occasions to share – to the exclusion of men – their joys, pains or sexual experiences. The name “Bia Kut Si” comes from Beti, a language of central Cameroon, and translates roughly as “We stomp on the ground” – which also describes the typical dance movement to the music style. The central theme of the radio show are four Cameroonian musicians (groups) who have shaped the childhood of Elsa M’bala aka AMET: Mbarga Soukouss, Anne Marie Nzie, Brice Wassy and Les Têtes Brulées.

At the kick off weekend of the new program series “SENSE”, with which the radialsystem explores power relations in a geography of perception, several sound stations will be installed on the terrace of the radialsystem, where the radio show can be heard over all three evenings. Rhythms Studies #1 Bia Kut Si” was produced during Elsa M’bala’s residency at Amplify Berlin, June 2021.

Fr     16 07 2021    7 pm
Sa    17 07 2021    7 pm
Su    18 07 2021    7 pm

Photo: Elsa Kostic