Fri 19 03
Live Stream Premiere Festival
11 pm


Streamed live from radialsystem Berlin and Boxwerk Munich. Available in radar on the radialsystem website until March 28, 2021. In English language

ID Festival: „Wu Seyen di Chayes?“

Livestream-Performance von ANALI GOLDBERG
All the clubs are closed, and protective structures are dissolving... ANALI GOLDBERG, Berlin’s club scene's celebrated divine Techno Goddess, is now out of work – with all this free time she decided to embark upon a queer narrative revolution. In search of every species of gender fluid animal, she travels through the globe in gathering their stories and listening to their fantasies. “Wu Seyen di Chayes?” (Yiddish for “Where are the Animals?”) is an outrageous musical evening of queer oral history. Through distinctive storytelling ANALI GOLDBERG blurs the lines between fictive genealogy and collapsing autobiographical comedy. Together with her Entourage she creates an epic heteromorphic experience. 

Now in its fifth year, the ID Festival reflects on the complex relationships between Israelis and Germans living in Germany and the questions they pose to one another. Under the artistic

direction of Ohad Ben-Ari, this anniversary edition examines the absurdities of our daily lives.

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  • Costume Fabio M. Silva
  • Light Design Tom Schwartz
  • Concept, text, performance and production ANALI GOLDBERG
  • Production James Doyle
  • VJ Dalia Castel
  • Choreography Norbert Pape
  • Original music Kiki Moorse & Dean Michelson aka Deanamik
  • Photography Roni Lugassi

Framework programme

Programme Friday 8 p.m. "On Time": Instant Composition Livestream Performance, Or Solomon and the Lightning Orchestra. 9:30 p.m. "Eternal Valley": Livestream concert performance, VKKO 11 pm "Wu Seyen di Chayes?": Performance in livestream, world premiere by ANALI GOLDBERG. "(In)Between Israel and Germany - CONVERSATIONS" Programme Saturday 8 p.m. "Virtual SHIUR Transcending Freedom: A Pre-Passover Experience For Everyone Who Hates Being Put In A Box!": Performance and Immersive Experience // Livestream. 9 p.m. "Box Salon.": Song performance, livestream from Boxwerk Munich with songs by John Dowland and Kurt Weill. 10 p.m. "The Code": Live Painting Performance in Livestream with Marchissio, Cosimo Miorelli and Claudia Eisinger // Premiere


Presented by Siegessäule. ID Festival is supported by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, the Berlin Senate Chancellery for Culture and Europe, the Friedrichshain - Kreuzberg District Office and the Szloma Albam Foundation. Awarded by the European Festival Association with the "EFFE Label". Patronage: Minister of State Prof. Monika Grütters MdB Media partners: Ask Helmut, Exberliner, rbb Kultur, Spitz Magazin, tip Berlin and VAN Magazin.

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