Sat 20 03
Livestream Festival
8 pm


Streamed live from radialsystem Berlin and Boxwerk Munich. Available in radar on the radialsystem website until March 28, 2021. In English.

ID Festival: Virtual SHIUR Transcending Freedom

Performance and Immersive Experience with Micki Weinberg
SHIUR © Marc Vorwerk
A Pre-Passover Experience For Everyone Who Hates Being Put In A Box… Corona has forced us to  confront a variety of new forms of life and being – practically, physically, spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, and on many other levels. SHIUR explores the transgression of fixed categories through the dream-like fluidity of the self in a digitally immersive session. Readings, sound and light art, breathing exercises, and body movement will be used to develop new practices for the 21st century - and possibly provide new ways of looking at the upcoming Passover holiday, which embraces traditions that challenge "normalcy" through performative rituals that intentionally border on the absurd...

Now in its fifth year, the ID Festival reflects on the complex relationships between Israelis and Germans living in Germany and the questions they pose to one another. Under the artistic

direction of Ohad Ben-Ari, this anniversary edition examines the absurdities of our daily lives.

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SHIUR is an ongoing project, founded in Berlin by Micki Weinberg, and supported by ID Festival since 2018. The project offers multidisciplinary immersive experiences. SHIUR brings together a diverse group of people to explore culture, spirituality and theory through a critical yet engaged attitude. Since the start of the pandemic, the SHIUR community meets in a digital salon. This summer, in the frameworks of the initiative "1700 Jahre Jüdisches Leben in Deutschland", public SHIUR events in major cities across Germany are planned, to highlight the bond between each city and their relationship to German Jewish thought.



  • Presented by SHIUR
  • With Micki Weinberg, Mirna Funk, Vilma Putriute und Playtronica
  • Video Segments Kevin Kopacka und Lukas Dolgner

Framework programme

Programme Friday 8 p.m. "On Time": Instant Composition Livestream Performance, Or Solomon and the Lightning Orchestra. 9:30 p.m. "Eternal Valley": Livestream concert performance, VKKO 11 pm "Wu Seyen di Chayes?": Performance in livestream, world premiere by ANALI GOLDBERG. "(In)Between Israel and Germany - CONVERSATIONS" Programme Saturday 8 p.m. "Virtual SHIUR Transcending Freedom: A Pre-Passover Experience For Everyone Who Hates Being Put In A Box!": Performance and Immersive Experience // Livestream. 9 p.m. "Box Salon.": Song performance, livestream from Boxwerk Munich with songs by John Dowland and Kurt Weill. 10 p.m. "The Code": Live Painting Performance in Livestream with Marchissio, Cosimo Miorelli and Claudia Eisinger // Premiere


ID Festival is supported by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, the Berlin Senate Chancellery for Culture and Europe, the Friedrichshain - Kreuzberg District Office and the Szloma Albam Foundation. Awarded by the European Festival Association with the "EFFE Label". Patronage: Minister of State Prof. Monika Grütters MdB Media partners: Ask Helmut, Exberliner, rbb Kultur, Spitz Magazin, tip Berlin and VAN Magazin.

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