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Concert film
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Concert film

The concert film and a stream of the "Outernational Listening Session" will be available on the radar on our website.

Outernational: Transtraditional concerts

#2 Wa & Davul // concert film
Kamilya Jubran
Kamilya Jubran © Christopher Smolkovic
What is the sound of a piece of art music that faces its multiple, hybrid influences in exile and diaspora? How do we disentangle ideas of "the own" and the foreign through listening? How do concert programmes reflect an open society in all its polyphony? "Outernational" is a new European concert series with three annual foci and which features artists who are engaged in trans-traditional music.

Following the beginning of the series at the end of October, Kamilya Jubran and Werner Hasler along with Cevdet Erek will be guests at second concert of "Outernational". Palestinian musician Kamilya Jubran is one of the most formative and influential voices of the Arab avantgarde. She pierces through traditional musical influences with a sense of experimental joy at playing with musical expectations. Accompanied by the Swiss trumpet player and electronic artist Werner Hasler, the singer enters a new space with her new program "Wa", ("And" in Arabic), in which quadrophonically reinforced textures are amassed and collapse in the next moment. Istanbul-based musician and artist Cevdet Erek has developed his performance over many years and dedicates it to the davul, a bass drum. One of the oldest drums in the world, it is widely used in regions from Eastern Europe to the Middle East. His unique style of playing includes complex, traditional dance rhythms, from techno-like to sensitive-archaic beats. This is the first musical encounter between Cevdet Erek and the Duo Jubran/Hasler, who are accompanied by baroque and renaissance sounds conjuring ancient aural spaces from foundation to ornamentation...

Professor Naika Foroutan, Director and Head of Department of "Integration Research and Social Policy" at the Berlin Institute for Empirical Integration and Migration Research, and the social scientist Esra Küçük, Managing Director of the Allianz Kulturstiftung (Allianz Cultural Foundation), will discuss questions concerning a post-migrant society in the "Outernational Listening Session".

The concerts are preceded by comprehensive artistic research that not only tracks down scenes and contemporary musical developments, but takes into account questions of "musicking", i.e. performance practice and contextualisation as well. The aim of this exercise is to open up new spaces for outstanding artists positioned far from the mainstream. Curator Elisa Erkelenz develops the concerts in close dialogue with the artists, and around each performance, background information on music, instruments and participating artists is published in the VAN digital magazine Outernational:

15 01 2021
Concert film "#2 Wa & Davul"

20 01 2021
Stream "Outernational Listening Session"


  • Voice and Oud Kamilya Jubran
  • Electronics and Trumpet Werner Hasler
  • Davul and Visuals Cevdet Erek
  • Violine and Concept David-Maria Gramse
  • Gamba Liam Byrne
  • Theorbo Andreas Arend
  • Curation and dramaturgy Elisa Erkelenz
  • Sound Recording Carlo Grippa
  • Direction and Concept Heinrich Horwitz
  • Sound Mix Martin Ruch, Control Room Berlin
  • Camera and Cut Florian Schmuck
  • Visuals and Light Rosa Wernecke
  • Outernational Listening Session Naika Foroutan und Esra Küçük


15 01 2021 concert film "#2 Wa & Davul" 20 01 2021 "Outernational Listening Session" The next "Outernational" concert takes place at radialsystem on March 2, 2021.


Outernational is made possible by the generous support of the Senate Department for Culture and Europe, the Allianz Cultural Foundation and the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of BTHVN2020. Media partner is VAN magazine with the reportage series VAN Outernational.

Kamilya Jubran
Kamilya Jubran © Christopher Smolkovic
Kamilya Jubran und Werner Hasler
Kamilya Jubran und Werner Hasler © Promo
Cevdet Erek
Cevdet Erek © Theresa Baumgartner
Werner Hasler
Werner Hasler © Rémi Angeli
Liam Byrne
Liam Byrne © Tom Roelofs
David Maria Gramse
David Maria Gramse © Gerhard Kühne
Andreas Arend
Andreas Arend © Ana Prada
Elisa Erkelenz
Elisa Erkelenz © Jann Wilken

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Concert film

The concert film and a stream of the "Outernational Listening Session" will be available on the radar on our website.