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Ultraschall Berlin - Festival für neue Musik

Sebastian Berweck, Silke Lange und Martin Lorenz
Ultraschall Berlin - Festival für neue Musik © Promo
When digital sound processing began its triumph in the 1980s, a whole repertoire of electronic music pieces disappeared almost in a flash. Among the victims of digitalisation also was "Stries" by Bernard Parmegiani, a triptych for audiotape and (analogue) synthesizers from 1980. Sebastian Berweck acted as an archaeologist, restoring the work, making files readable, and getting hold of the old synthesizers. From anachronistic devices once again emerges "an atmospheric soundscape full of drones and small sound characters, which, however, neither want to be understood as an alliteration to reality nor as a musical narrative" (Sebastian Berweck). They reveal that immersion is not an invention of today. One of the first ever electr(on)ic works dates from 1938. Johanna Beyer, a student of Henry Cowell, wrote "Music of the spheres" for three unspecified "electric instruments". This music of the spheres functioned as a utopian interlude in the larger, fragmentary work "Status Quo", which strongly criticized the political state of affairs.

On the radio:
Deutschlandfunk Kultur, Konzert, 19.01.2019, ca. 21.45 Uhr
kulturradio vom rbb, Musik der Gegenwart, 03.04.2019, 21.04 Uhr


  • Synthesizer Sebastian Berweck, Silke Lange und Martin Lorenz


Johanna Beyer (1888-1944) Music of the Spheres (1938) for three synthesizers Bernard Parmegiani (1927-2013) Stries (1980) I. Strilento II. Strio III. Stries for three synthesizers and audio tape


An event by Deutschlandfunk Kultur and kulturradio vom rbb.

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Karten 15 € | ermäßigt 10 €