Sat 28 04
8 pm

f(t) festival: Zeitfunktion

© Javier Benjamin und Hau Le
What’s the sound of time? Stefan Goldmann (electronics), Dominik Kleinknecht (sound direction) and members of Ensemble Modern will trace architecture's temporal dimension in the form of an acoustic collaboration. Synthesis and acoustic instruments will meet at the hall of Radialsystem, just to make room for Elektro Guzzi moments later. The Austrian trio will spice up their live techno performance with the help of Margret Köll and her baroque harp, merging musical approaches from different centuries. Experimental techno artists like SØS Gunver Ryberg and Marco Shuttle will strip their material of its metric frame and thus expand it for different models at f(t) festival. Aura Satz's video installation at Studio B will focus on the tonal-temporal aspects of film footage. The script for Erik Satie's monumental opus "Vexations" comes with the instruction to repeat its small number of bars "840 times". Delegating this task to a mechanism practically suggests itself. The work will be played on the pianola, while techno pianist Kelvin Sholar will appear in person to perform Cory Arcangel's "24 Dances for the Electric Piano" at Studio C.

What's the sound of time and what's the time of sound? This two-day festival run by Stefan Goldmann is all about alternative configurations of metre and rhythm: complex time signatures, techno live sets, new practices for historical instruments. From miniatures to full-length works, from electronic improvisation to hand-crafted machine timing - concise concepts of time will be connected. Notable artists from the fields of electronic music, new music and media art will come together at Radialsystem to make fascinating models of time come alive in concerts and video installations.


  • Mit Marco Shuttle, Mitglieder des Ensemble Modern, Stefan Goldmann & Dominik Kleinknecht, SØS Gunver Ryberg, Elektro Guzzi & Margret Köll und Rrose
  • Installationen Niklas Goldbach, KiNK, Aura Satz
  • Live-Video Javier Benjamin (Grativideo) und Kiritan Flux
  • Künstlerische Leitung Stefan Goldmann
© Javier Benjamin und Hau Le
Stefan Goldmann © Stefan Botev
SØS Gunver Ryberg © Camille Blake

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