RADIALSYSTEM .V. includes two extremely attractive outdoor areas: the Spree terrace, which includes a boat landing, and the deck, an exclusive roofed terrace located on the third floor of the building. Both areas are suited for receptions, with the deck especially adequate for unpredictable weather conditions. Not only ideal for events themselves, the two outdoor areas are often used in combination with the various rooms (for example the halls or the cube) to serve as an attractive smoking area.


Base area: ca. 350 square meters (ca. 3,767 square feet)
Dimensions: ca. 22 m x 16 m
Access: The deck is located between the second and
third floor of the building and is accessible via two separate staircases as well as two elevators. Unfortunately, there is yet no access for the disabled.
Electricity: Shockproof sockets, 16 and 32 Ampère
Flooring: Terrace timber planks
Restrooms: Located in the foyer.


Base area: ca. 450 square meters (ca. 4,843 square feet)
Dimensions: ca. 45 m x 10 m
Access: The terrace is located on the south side of
RADIALSYSTEM V and is accessible via the foyer and the driveways. It is also accessible via the boat landing.
Seating capacity: Summer months on the Spree: 20 tables,
6 chairs each and removable branded sunshades.
Stand up receptions: max. 400 people
Bootsanleger: 48 meters long. The pier is one of the longest
of the city, and is approved for all common
passenger vessels.
Electricity: Shockproof sockets, 16 and 32 Ampère
Flooring: Historical paving
Restrooms: Located in the foyer.



© Photo 1: Reinhard Görner
© Photo 2: Sebastian Bolesch