In addition to its artistic programmes, RADIALSYSTEM V provides extraordinary surroundings for conferences and events as well as for rehearsals. The spectrum of possible formats ranges from major events up to 800 people to workshops with 20 persons. We will be glad to recommend a room or rooms most suited to your needs.

Ranging from the 600 square meter main hall to the 54 square meter cube, the house offers six floors and approximately 2,500 square meters of space. Whereas the rooms on the ground floor are characterized by the charm of their 19th Century industrial architecture, the upper floors of the new addition, built in 2006, are distinguished by the transparency of the modern minimalist structure.  The union of these newer and older elements is brought together on the third floor by a 400 square meter open air deck.  Furthermore, the Spree Terrace, which is located on the southwest side of the building and entirely shielded from traffic on Holzmarktstrasse, offers an almost Mediterranian flair in the summertime.

The following event formats take place at RADIALSYSTEM V regularly:

Conferences and events
  • press conferences
  • workshops/ seminars
  • meetings/ conferences
  • congress
  • award shows
  • panel discussions
  • receptions
  • banquettes
  • exhibitions
  • film and tv shootings
  • photo sessions
  • fashion shows
  • music
  • dance
  • workshops
  • auditions

© Photo: Sebastian Bolesch