Tickets for concerts and events at RADIALSYSTEM V can either be purchased directly at the box office in the foyer of the house, online, or at further ticket locations as listed below. Exceptionally tickets will be sold at different locations.

Buy Online Tickets 
Tickets purchased online using our Reservix Ticket System can either be printed out at home or sent to your address. Payment is simple, made possible by bank transfer or by using your credit card. Please note however, that tickets purchased online cannot be returned or exchanged, and unused tickets will not be refunded.

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Opening Hours Ticket Office
Tuesday - Friday, 10 pm - 7 pm and Saturday, 12 pm - 7 pm  
For evening performances, the box office opens one hour before the show. Only tickets for the particular show at the evening will be sold at that time.

Ticket Reservation
Tue - Fri, 10 pm - 7 pm and Sat, 12 pm - 7 pm Ticket Hotline 030 - 288 788 588
Tickets reserved by telephone should be picked up within seven days of ordering, or at the latest one day before the performance. Otherwise, the reservation will be cancelled. The tickets can be picked up directly at the box office of RADIALSYSTEM V during the opening hours above.

Reduced Tickets
Reduced tickets can be purchased online as well as at the box office during the opening hours. Entrance is granted upon presentation of identification.
People qualified for price reductions are students and trainees under 27 years of age, welfare recipients, and those in military or civil service.
For some events the number of reduced tickets is limited.

The accompanying person of people with disabilities will receive a ticket free of charge. We ask wheelchair users for reservation in advance.

Due to the great demand we ask for purchase of tickets in advance or reservation by phone (030 - 288 788 588).  You can find the current dates here

Tickets for RADIALSYSTEM V can also be purchased at the following locations
You can find further booking offices within Berlin and Germany here.

Here you can download the general terms and conditions for ticket sale (in German)