The House

Starting with the original structure, Gerhard Spangenberg, the architect who took up the reconstruction project in 2004, was confronted with the task of redesigning the building so that the original facade would remain visible. Not only did the two halls have to be modernized, but the war-torn west side also had to be completely redone. Gerhard Spangenberg developed a concept that combined the historical part with a modern addition. The financing of the project was made possible by the investment group TELAMON Vermögensverwaltungsgesellschaft.

The west side of Radialsystem V was closed off with a glass extension and to the Spree side of the building a similarly transparent extension was placed over the former boiler room. Similar to the historical part of the building, this modern element was built with limited materials- concrete, steel, and glass- focusing on function and simple elegance. The new addition not only contrasts, completes, and complements the older part in its multifaceted, transparent and closed quality, it also triples the amount of available space for the entire building.

The reconstruction was completed within one year, with the house reopening as RADIALSYSTEM V - NEW SPACE FOR THE ARTS in September 2006. The machine hall and boiler room of the former pumping station were transformed respectively into a main hall of 600 square meters and a smaller hall of 400 square meters. The new addition provided the building with a foyer for visitors and artists, as well as wardrobes, office space and three studios facing south onto the Spree river: Studio A with 400 square meters, and Studios B and C with 200 square meters of space each. Also, there is a two story cube with a glass facade facing southwest, a 400 square meter covered deck and a large terrace on the Spree River with a boat landing. All of this makes RADIALSYSTEM V an extremely attractive place during the entire year.

The building represents a successful symbiosis of old and new, and of tradition and modernity, its concept of dialogue serving as an architectural metaphor for the artistic concept of RADIALSYSTEM V.

© Photo: Palladium Photodesign